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Coach Authorisation for testing

Athletes must seek an authorisation signature from their main coach on a completed "Test Registration Coaches Authorisation form"  before  considering registering for a test session.  The completed form must be uploaded with your registration for your registration to be deemed complete.

WAISA Competitions

Mary Ellen Holland

Skaters from Aussie Skate Level 4 up to Senior Level. Novice to Senior skaters will compete in both the Short and Free Programs. Adult and Aussie Skate Level 4 up to and including Intermediate Level will compete with only a Free Program.

Please make sure you have downloaded and completed the Planned Program Content form (PPC) and have your music ready before you register. If you have trouble downloading the form(s) right click on the file and select "download" or "save as". 

For mobile devices you may need to download additional apps for opening / saving PPC (a PDF reader or Word).

Competition Details


Council Meeting Dates 2020

  • Wednesday 15 January
  • Wednesday 19 February
  • Wednesday 18 March
  • Wednesday 15 April
  • Wednesday 20 May
  • Wednesday 17 June
  • Wednesday 15 July
  • Wednesday 19 August
  • Wednesday 16 September
  • Wednesday 14 October
  • Wednesday 18 November

To be eligible for the February test session and the Les Latham Competition you must have your membership application submitted no later than Sunday 12thJanuary 2020.

For all other test sessions and competitions your membership application must be submitted and approved at a council meeting prior to close of entry for the event. For example, if the test/competition entry closes on 14th April your membership must have been submitted by March 15th for approval during the March meeting.

Download the meeting cut off dates here

Membership Terms and Conditions

  • I/We have read the WAISA Inc. Constitution,Policies and By-Laws on the WAISA Inc. website www.waisa.org and agree to abide by them and the decisions of the WAISA Council.
  • I/We give permissionfor myself(over18years)/my child(under 18years) to be photographed/videoed by WAISA events for usein Newsletters,website,training of officials or any other WAISA authorised event.
  • The contact details of WAISA Inc members shall remain strictly confidential. They will not be released to any third party.
  • I/We agree to observe and comply with ISA's Anti-Doping Policy. A copy of ISA's Anti-Doping Policy is available at http://www.isa.org.au/antidoping.htm
  • Disclaimer- If a member no longer wishes to take advantage of thier WAISA membership, incurs injury or any other cause, there will be no refunds issued


Contact Us


PO Box 1472
Western Australia

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Working with Children

Volunteers who offer their services to WAISA as an Official, Judge or Councillor and volunteer for more than five days per annum, may be required to complete a Working With Children (WWC) form and submit the information to WAISA for our records. It is up to the individual to determine if they need to submit a WWC check, ensure it is current and keep WAISA updated using this form.

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WAISA uses the ISU Judging System. Judges and Technical Panel are required to conduct a competition. WAISA requires ex-skaters or skating savvy volunteers to train as judges and officials. There are also official positions that require less skating knowledge such as data operator, video replay assistant etc.

Email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in helping with any of these positions.


Under the ISU Judging System the Judges focus entirely on evaluating the quality of each element performed (technical aspect) and the quality of the performance.

Their scores will be based on specific quality criteria for each element and will provide a comprehensive assessment of each skater’s skills and performance, without comparing each skater in relation to all others. The Judge enters the scores through a touch screen unit. 

Technical Panel

The Technical Panel is composed of the Technical Controller, the Technical Specialist and the Assistant Technical Specialist, each one from different ISU Members (countries). A Data Operator assists them for recording purposes. An instantaneous slow-motion video replay system operated by a Replay Operator supports the Technical Panel in the identification of the performed elements.

The Technical Specialist, assisted by the Assistant Technical Specialist, identifies and calls the performed elements and the specific Levels of Difficulty of certain performed elements (e.g. Spins, Footwork,). He/She identifies illegal or additional elements, identifies falls and adds, if applicable, innovative elements.

The Technical Controller authorises or corrects all calls, supervises the Data Operator and can propose corrections, if necessary.

WAISA Membership Summary

Membership applications for 2020 are now open.

Note: Our membership application process has changed. Each member will require their own unique email address to sign up. For families with more than one skater, this means, you will need to create an email address for each skater. All correspondence will go to the unique email for each Skater. If you were a member in 2019 you must login to renew your existing membership. On the sign up / renewal page you will be presented with the login screen. If you do not know your login details click on the forgot username or forgot password option.

To create a free email address for new members you can visit one of the following 

Do you know the membership application process?
  • Each year you must apply to become a WAISA member.

  • Apply and Pay Online to be a WAISA member. You will receive acknowledgement of your application and a receipt for your payment.

  • Your membership application is then collated with other applications and presented at the next WAISA Council meeting at which time WAISA Council will consider your application (refer WAISA Constitution, Section 5) and approve or decline your application. If your membership is declined, you will be notified. (Note only applications received prior to the Saturday before the meeting will be included for consideration).

  • To be eligible to participate in any test or competition (including interstate and international), your membership must have been approved by WAISA Council prior to your application for tests or registration for competition being received.

  • Note if your membership has not been approved by WAISA Council and you apply for a test or competition entry, you will not be eligible and there will be no refunds of the test or competition fees.

  • WAISA does not provide refunds for approved memberships under any circumstance.

Membership Approval Closing Dates for 2020

Note the 2020 closing dates for the membership application approval process:

January Wednesday 15th cut off date Sunday 12th Jan
February Wednesday 19th cut off date Sunday 16th Feb
March Wednesday 18th cut off date Sunday 15th March
April Wednesday 15th cut off date Sunday 12th April
May Wednesday 20th cut off date Sunday 17th May
June Wednesday 17th cut off date Sunday 14th June
July Wednesday 15th cut off date Sunday 12th July
August Wednesday 19th cut off date Sunday 16th August
September Wednesday 16th cut off date Sunday 13th Sept
October Wednesday 14th cut off date Sunday 11th Oct
November Wednesday 18th cut off date Sunday 15th Nov

Tests (National ISA Tests)

WAISA holds test sessions on most months of the year. There are some months when the test session is not held due to schedule conflicts with competitions or availability of judges. 

Pay online using the link  and you will be entered into the next available test date unless notified otherwise. Entry is based on a first come, first served basis. 

Applicants must be a member of WAISA and ISA at the time of application to enter a WAISA Test. Members from other Australian state associations will be considered if their home association endorses the application and if there is room in the session. WAISA members have first priority. 

Any applications received who are not members of WAISA and ISA will be returned and the application will be deemed unsuccessful.

View Music Test Requirements Test Registration

For test requirements please refer to the Testing and Competing section of ISA website. 


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