Western Australian Ice Skating Association

WAISA Membership Summary

Membership applications for 2020 are now open.

Note: Our membership application process has changed. Each member will require their own unique email address to sign up. For families with more than one skater, this means, you will need to create an email address for each skater. All correspondence will go to the unique email for each Skater. If you were a member in 2019 you must login to renew your existing membership. On the sign up / renewal page you will be presented with the login screen. If you do not know your login details click on the forgot username or forgot password option.

To create a free email address for new members you can visit one of the following 

Do you know the membership application process?
  • Each year you must apply to become a WAISA member.

  • Apply and Pay Online to be a WAISA member. You will receive acknowledgement of your application and a receipt for your payment.

  • Your membership application is then collated with other applications and presented at the next WAISA Council meeting at which time WAISA Council will consider your application (refer WAISA Constitution, Section 5) and approve or decline your application. If your membership is declined, you will be notified. (Note only applications received prior to the Saturday before the meeting will be included for consideration).

  • To be eligible to participate in any test or competition (including interstate and international), your membership must have been approved by WAISA Council prior to your application for tests or registration for competition being received.

  • Note if your membership has not been approved by WAISA Council and you apply for a test or competition entry, you will not be eligible and there will be no refunds of the test or competition fees.

  • WAISA does not provide refunds for approved memberships under any circumstance.

Membership Approval Closing Dates for 2020

Note the 2020 closing dates for the membership application approval process:

January Wednesday 15th cut off date Sunday 12th Jan
February Wednesday 19th cut off date Sunday 16th Feb
March Wednesday 18th cut off date Sunday 15th March
April Wednesday 15th cut off date Sunday 12th April
May Wednesday 20th cut off date Sunday 17th May
June Wednesday 17th cut off date Sunday 14th June
July Wednesday 15th cut off date Sunday 12th July
August Wednesday 19th cut off date Sunday 16th August
September Wednesday 16th cut off date Sunday 13th Sept
October Wednesday 14th cut off date Sunday 11th Oct
November Wednesday 18th cut off date Sunday 15th Nov


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