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Welcome to WAISA Livestream. All livestream competitions are available on the WAISA Youtube page

Social media links (including YouTube) are located at the top and bottom of the WAISA website. The livestream(s) are embedded here for your convenience. At times, we experience technical difficulties. If a drop out occurs visit the YouTube page where the stream will be restarted

Next Competition to stream - Autumn Gala, 2022


We are proud to annouce Autumn Gala, 2022. Divisions include

  • Singles: Aussie Skate level 4, Preliminary, Elementary, Basic Novice, Intermediate Novice, Intermediate, Adult Copper, Adult Bronze, Adult Silver, Adult Gold, Adult Masters, Adult Masters/Elite perform a free program.
  • Advanced Novice, Junior, Senior perform both a short and free program

Autumn Gala Day 1

Autumn Gala Day 2


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  • Truesport

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