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AFSC 2017


Congratulations to all our skaters who participated at the Australian 2017 National Championships. All our skaters performed great programs with some strong competition. Here are some of the highlights.


Basic Novice, Bees synchro team made it to the podium coming 1st place. Infusion Junior placing 3rd. Excellent result. WA had six teams

  • Basic Novice: Beez
  • Basic Adult: Cohesion
  • Mixed Age: Aura, Jitterbugs
  • Infusion Junior
  • Infusion Senior

Our adult competitors skated strong with almost all competitors returning home with a medal. Well done girls.

  • Ladies Silver: Asher Dragun and Aleatha Shanley 3rd place
  • Ladies Gold: Amber Trevor-Hunt 2nd place
  • Masters Ladies: Madeline Willis 1st place, Courtney Balaam 3rd place
  • Masters Elite Ladies: Kayla Harburn 2nd place, Kirsten Mather 3rd place

The Novice divisions were extremely competitive with 39 competitors in Novice A, six from WA.

  • Emily Adams
  • Ainslie Talbot
  • Madison Loreto
  • Lara Bezuidenhout
  • Nicole Denholm
  • Eryn Matthews

Novice B men had eight and one WA competitor, Felix Sutton placed 4th but due to New Zealand placing 1st Felix received 3rd place. Well done Felix.

Novice B ladies had 30 competitors, three from WA.

  • Monique Hashem
  • Abbey Williams
  • Olivia Fluri

Intermediate, not quite as big as Novice but still a large division with 20 competitors. Congratulations to Lena Cooke Tagomori on a great program making it to the podium coming 1st place. What an achievement.

Advanced Novice, another very competitive division with 30 competitors, four from WA. All our girls put out great programs and fought hard in both the short and the free.

  • Nerin Cornwell
  • Jordyn Dekkers
  • Nikita Jan
  • Cora Scaturrowa

Finally, junior, 14 competitors and our Lia Web McDougall (WA). Junior was another tough division with a lot of great skating. Well done Lia.

We hope you enjoy the compilation we put together. Video in some divisions was not good enough quality or not available at the time of editing. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get every competitor / team.

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